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Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads

We make sure that your most relevant vehicles are always being shown to potential auto buyers – allowing you to focus on closing the sale!


We Help Your Used Car Dealership Exponentially Increase Eyes on Your Stock, On Your Website, Save You Time, Eliminate Wasted Ad Spent, Generate More Leads & Win More Customers – What Would This Mean For Your Dealership?

We understand that your core business is selling cars and value added services, and your end goal is to get more customers and grow your Dealership consistently. Our International Best Practice Facebook Advertising Strategies are based on a full-funnel marketing approach to help your business connect with more local customers and beyond and to give your car dealership that edge in a very competitive market... If you are ready to move to the next level on Facebook, we would like to be part of your team!

Solutions To Transform Your Automotive Business

New To Dynamic Automotive Facebook Ads?

Just getting started, not sure how to build on what you have already implemented or not getting good results? We can help your Car Dealership and Service Center get in front of even more of your ideal customers - meet your customers where they are - on Mobile Devices. You can get started the right way today!

Drive Sales With Automotive Inventory Ads

For Used Car Dealerships- We ensure that your dealership's website is always in sync with Facebook & Google. You will then have an Always-On-Strategy in place to dynamically advertise your complete vehicle inventory, 24/7. It's your prospecting, conquesting and re-marketing strategy ALL-IN-ONE!

Dealership Websites Mobile Optimised

We can help you publish a streamlined,mobile optimised website in a short period of time. You will have diverse options to Sync your website with popular social media platforms & allow your visitors to schedule test-drives, request a trade-in valuation with photo uploads, reqeust a car and more...

Not Sure If This Is For Your Business?

Schedule a no-obligation discovery call with our team today - let's go behind the scenes and help you identify the best Facebook and Google Strategies for your Dealership, Car Service Center or Auto Body Repair Shop,based on your unique goals and business challenges. No Pressure..

How Can We help You?

Whether you are just starting out with Automotive Facebook Marketing & Advertising or struggling with your current efforts,our specific methodology will help you get more clarity on the steps your business needs to take to drive more sales opportunities. Whether you are looking to deploy effective and proven Facebook Advertising strategies, need to Grow Your Google Footprint or want to receive the most results-based consulting to maximize your returns, we have you covered.


What our clients says !

Neville October
Neville October

“I was thoroughly impressed with the way Willem helped me to quickly promote specific vehicles in our inventory on Facebook. I started to get great response and better leads within a very short period of time. The power of social media should not be underestimated - Facebook delivers, no doubt!"

Pat Elllis
Pat Elllis

“I can honestly say that I was very sceptical about Facebook in the beginning. I was pleasantly surprised to see the great response on the cars Willem helped me to advertise on Facebook and the accurate contact information I received to follow up on all my leads - within minutes!"

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"We put together a case study on how we helped our Car Dealership Client's move to the next level & tap into the Power Of Facebook Advertising - resulting in an exponential increase in website traffic, more than doubled their leads and helped them sell more cars - cost effectively! Would you like to see it?"

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be in business for years?

No, whether you are a new or recently esthablished automotive business or been around for a long time, Facebook & Google will deliver great results irrespective.

What will be expected of me as a business owner?

You must be willing to adapt and be open to implementing modern Facebook Advertising strategies. It is important that you work with us and see your Facebook marketing as a long term investment in yourself and your business, not just as another business overhead or a social media post

What industries do you specialize in?

We love to work with independent used car dealerships, car service and repair businesses.

What is my best course of action to work with you?

Please join the free case study, watch the video and apply for a strategy session afterwards. Alternatively, you can schedule a free 30 min discovery call with Willem right away. He will respond promptly!