Digital Marketing – 8 Challenges Every Business Will Face in 2021

When you conduct a search on the term “Digital Marketing “, there are certainly an abundant number of agencies offering their services. You will also find many agencies who offer specific digital marketing services only, such as Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and more.

In conducting some research on what some businesses are doing when it comes to digital marketing, a great percentage felt that their marketing challenges are unique. Although one can understand their point of view and how they feel about marketing, the truth is their marketing challenges aren’t unique. The marketing challenges we face on a daily basis are felt by all companies across every industry.

If one insists on deploying unique digital marketing strategies, it will be more about the specific solutions you use to solve your marketing challenges…and there are many challenges out there in the digital world today.

This is the precise reason why I decided to write about some of the top digital marketing challenges every business will face in 2020

The following 8 are the ones that really stood- out for me:

Getting More Leads

Over the past 2 years, many surveys have been conducted on the challenges companies face. The No.1 challenge mostbusiness listed, and it should not come as a surprise is – Getting More Leads.

I am sure we will all agree – no matter how good you are digital marketing or what the size of company or the budget is – leads are critically important to every business. If your marketing efforts are not landing leads, you will have a tough time growing your business.

Converting Leads into Buyers

Generating leads should be one of the most important goals of any marketer. Whether the marketer achieves the latter through events, seminars or digital marketing – without leads the business will not grow.

Getting more leads is always great, but to convert them into buyers, is quite another challenge. It seems that some the major challenges companies face in converting leads into buyers, include qualifying the leads, acting on leads quickly and to structure the sales team for speed and effectiveness, amongst others.

Planning a Marketing Strategy

When you deploy digital marketing actions without a previously-devised plan or strategy, you will inevitably set yourself up for failure. A digital marketing plan must include components such as developing your market avatar, an analysis of the business objectives, and a well-defined value proposition

Generating Brand Awareness

We are no strangers to the fact that consumers spend an immense amount of time on their digital devices, and one of the many reasons why they are using their devices at an unprecedented rate is – they engage with the brands they support.

It is understandable that many companies list “Generating Brand Awareness” as one of the top 5 challenges they face, according to Vital Design Agency. In order to build your brand in the digital space, it can certainly be of great value to have a multi-channel presence (Email, Social Media, Website, Blogs etc.)

Increasing Website Overall Traffic

Increasingwebsite traffic should not simply be about the numbers. The overall marketing strategy must play a strategic role in how this will be achieved and the plan should also clearly define how the company’s marketing efforts will attract the people who are likely to become customers – companies must concentrate on attracting their target audience to the website.

The 2 prominent tactics deployed to increase website traffic include inbound marketing (blog posts, articles, eBooks, social media marketing etc.) and outbound marketing (direct mail ads, telemarketing, email marketing and attending industry events). It is not hard to see why this is a great challenge for companies, since both inbound and outbound marketing strategies will have their own unique challenges in order to be effective, and then they are also very time consuming.

Using Social Media Effectively

Social Media Platforms are certainly a hot topic amongst consumers and businesses alike. Some of the challenge many companies face when it comes to these platforms include maintaining an effective social media strategy across the board, maintaining the brand’s reputation, dealing with complaints posted on social media and ensuring that the social media practices the business incorporate are in perfect sync with the rules and regulations.

There are certainly many challenges not listed here. The overarching fact is that Social Medial Marketing is not to be taken lightly. One mistake can cost a company dearly.

Keeping Up with the latest trends

It is no secret that technology has and is continually changing the way we do business. We can all agree that no-one is ever really fully in the loop on how much and how fast technology is actually changing on a daily basis.

There is always a new “gadget” on the market. When the hardware changes, so does the software and the mobile applications. With new technology comes new opportunities, but then again, how does business keep up?

All these factors must be considered and can have substantial cost implications when marketers have a tough time keeping up with the changing trends – this can be their biggest marketing mistake. Digital marketing strategies are constantly evolving. This makes it all the more important for digital marketers to stay abreast of the changes and know exactly how they will affect your business.

Staying Organized and Productive

Last, but certainly not the least, this is challenge many companies struggle with in all aspects of their operations. For the digital marketers, there is simply not enough time in a day to juggle email, produce content, social media marketing,staff meetings and more.

The real challenge lies in identifying those digital marketing strategies and tactics which will deliver measurable results. The challenge lies in staying organized and constantly looking for ways to be more productive.


Managing the digital marketing efforts certainly pose many challenges. It can be very rewarding for the company, but also very in-effective and costly.

In the end, whether digital marketers will be able to deliver good results consistently, will depend on how much they invest in learning and knowledge sharing in order to ensure the marketing team stays up to date on the latest developments.

What is YOUR biggest marketing challenge?

Thank you for your time



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